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Miele Gallery first of its kind in U.S. This is our most recent general contracting job.

Even if you consider yourself creative, your mind's eye probably has to squint to picture how this adjustable-height island hood:

fits in with this:

That's the concept behind incorporating a Miele Gallery -- the first in the nation -- in  Warners' Stellian Edina showroom, general contracting by Appliance Specialties. Miele (rhymes with Sheila) is a German manufacturer of high-quality residential appliances and vacuum cleaners that's been available in the U.S. for 25 years now.

The Gallery is basically a mini Miele Showroom. Nearly 30 Miele appliances for cooking, cooling and cleaning are displayed in a minimalistic environment free of distraction and clutter. Translation: You can more easily imagine them in your own kitchen.

Which is a godsend for designers, architects, and builders, who can bring their clients to actually experience the product. The kitchen has more than a dozen live appliances to play around with.

Recent Miele customers can learn all the innovative and time-saving features of their new kitchen in cooking classes held in the fully functioning kitchen. Plus, you get to sip a really good cup of coffee while sampling the gourmet meals they whip up.

With the launch of the Miele Gallery, Warners Stellian is the only Minnesota retailer of Miele Professional Products. The dishwasher, washer and dryer and rotary iron boast faster wash times and bigger load capacities.

How much faster? You can wash a load of glassware while you're entertaining, and it'll be ready in 10 minutes. That's unheard of. The washer and dryer are designed to handle challenges like horse blankets, whose hair would clog up a normal machine.


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