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Cabinet Systems


Our organizational specialists are trained to help guide you through the creation of your personal storage system. These folks understand how people work and live. They understand how to create a system that will benefit you. Their goal is to give you a system that frees up your space and time to focus on what matters most to you.


They will take an inventory of your storage items, get measurements of your space and help you develop an organizational solution tailored to your specified space. They will work with you to choose appropriate finishes, components and accessories to match your needs, décor and space. All within your budget. The entire process is simple and fun. And you are in control.


Next, your custom Shelvi Storage System will be designed to your specifications. You will see a rendering of your final project and will be able to make any changes you see fit - before making a purchase.


Your custom-designed project order will be sent to our manufacturing facility in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, where we will build your components to match the design you created. Each piece is crafted to rigid standards, ensuring proper fit, matching finishes and smooth operation.


Installation comes next. We use only quality, professional craftsmen who respect your home as much as they take pride in their work. Most installations are completed in a few hours and we will clean up after the job is done.


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