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Stock Granite & Soapstone Colors

We get our best pricing on granite slabs selected from our stock.  The color of the granite varies from slab to slab. We have most 12 x12 samples at our shop if you would like to look at them, to get a better idea of the color. Our granite is priced according to categories A, B, C, Exotic 1 and Exotic 2 with A being the least expensive and Exotic 3 being the most expensive. 3CM (approx. 1 1/4") thickness only. The following are the granite colors that our fabricator, Innovative Surfaces, stocks and the category it falls in. Our granite carries a lifetime guarantee and comes with a care kit. Click on the links to see a sample of the color.

(Click here for discontinued colors at a discounted price, depending on availability)

(Click here for granite edge profiles)

Group A

      Uba Tuba/Labrador Green/Verde Labrador

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Group B:
                        Giallo Fiorito
medium movement
                        New Venetian Gold
- medium movement
        Opalescence/Black Pearl (India)
                          Santa Cecilia Classic
medium movement
     Tan Brown/ Chestnut Brown
Tropical Brown
Suede Brown
 Kashmir White

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Group C:

                                             White Carrara
(Natural Marble - dark on light veining)
 Absolute Black

Breccia Sarda

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Group D:  

Exotic Level 1 - heavy movement

Typhoon Bordeaux

     Crema Bordeaux
 Golden River
Colonial Cream


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                     Exotic Level 2 - heavy movement                       

Juperana Persa

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Quarried naturally with absolutely no synthetics, Saratoga Soapstone offers a unique, soft color with light flowing veins. When oiled, soapstone exhibits an even more dramatic color variation. Soapstone is practically indestructible, requires almost no maintenance and adds elegance and enduring value to any project Click here to learn more about
Soapstone. Click below to see colors:

Hudson Ash

Mineral Black
Niagara Black
Saratoga Black
There are some discontinued color as well. There may be some slabs available at a discounted price.  These colors include: Giallo San Francisco, Giallo Veneziano, Baltic Brown, Dakota Mahogany, Madura Gold, Arandis, Bordeaux,  Goldstone, Rocket Black, Silver Pearl, Impala Black and Lapidus.
(Click here for discontinued colors at a discounted price, depending on availability)


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